Tuesday, August 11, 2020

PC Guys Are Always (Wax Pack) Wonderful

I received a PWE from Wax Pack Wonders filled with three of my PC guys. Always love it when someone checks my PC lists and sends card I dont already have.

Just when you think that you have most of the base cards of Frank Tanana out of the way, here comes five more! When I saw these I swore that I already had them. Nope.
That '93 TSC reminded me of a Jim Abbott card:
See what I mean?

I only started on the Vladdy PC a year or so ago. Being a more modern player he'll have a zillion cards to eventually track down (If I'm serious enough about it). A life goal for sure. But these three are great additions.

And one for the Olerud PC.

Icing on the cake, Jeff used vintage postage stamps on the PWE! I remember that Olypic set well as I used to have several blocks of the different stamps in the set. One of my favorite stamp designs.


  1. Tanana should be in the Hall and that Abbott is beautiful. I love how they captured his windup in a way that really showcases his uniqueness. Fleer Ultra were such nice cards. I miss them.