Friday, October 9, 2020

GCRL Olerud

GCRL had a free card post a week or so back, and I was able to pick up this John Olerud card I didn't already have in the PC.

1991 Sports Cards News #7
This card originally came on a 9-card insert sheet in the Oct-Nov 1991 issue of Allan Kayes Sports Cards News Magazine. The page also included a sweet Nolan Ryan card I'll have to keep my eye out for.
Jim also threw in the 1996 Topps Laser checklist set. These are a bit of an odd shape, a little bit larger than a standard card, and a tight fit in a 9-pocket page.

And he checked out my want list and saw that I needed cards for the massive 2009 Upper Deck and Upper Deck First Edition sets.

Free is always fun!
Thanks Jim!


  1. Just got that Olerud in my order, which I've been going through while I watch the playoffs....

  2. I love reading old issues of sports card magazines like Allan Kayes Sports Cards News Magazine. Don't remember it back in the 90's, but I've picked up a few copies at card shows and the flea market over the years specifically for the sheets of cards.