Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Details are Microscopic

I picked out a couple cards from Cards on Cards Free Cards Friday recently, but the third card Kerry included in the PWE baffled me for a few seconds. Here are the cards I picked out:

A 1992 Bowman Phil Nevin Team USA card. I like Team USA cards, that's why I picked it (and Nevin played for the Angels in 1998). I also picked out a 2020 Topps Pro Debut Contest card (still unused according to Kerry) that could (if I decide to use it) win me a chance to be an Iron Pig for the day. Still undecided on using it. I picked it out because I love contest cards.

The dilema was when I saw this third card sandwiched between the above two cards:
Why would Kerry send me a super common 1987 Urbano Lugo card?
But then it occurred to me, "Wasn't there a variation with this card?"
A quick thumb through my SCBC and I spotted the variation:

See that tiny TM to upper right of the Angels logo, that's on the regular card. Kerry sent me the "no trademark on front" variation. Sweet! I had this listed in my Angels Wantlist but had completely forgotten that I needed it, so thanks for cheking out my list Kerry!

Sometimes the details are indeed microscopic.


  1. Even with the cards side by side I think it would have taken me forever to figure out the difference!

  2. Just curious... is this one of those ultra rare 80's variations? Or were both of these pretty plentiful?

  3. You definitely have to use that Iron Pigs card. I would sell a good portion of my card collection to have the chance to get myself on a real card, not just the custom Topps ones you can make. I’d probably give them my entire collection if they could guarantee me an official At-Bat and an inning in the field.
    That Lugo card was something I’ve never heard of before. I guess it just goes to show that most of us just glance at the cards and put them in a box or binder.

  4. Kudos to Kerry for crossing the Lugo variation off your list. That's definitely something most of us would miss.