Friday, May 4, 2012

1977 Angels/Dodgers Baseball Schedule

This is a 1977 Budweiser combined Angels and Dodgers Schedule.
By 1977 the Angels were in Anaheim and the Dodgers were still in L.A, about an hour and a half to the North.  Occasionally you'd see these combined schedules, but it seemed like Angel fans didn't care much about the Dodgers or their schedule, and vice-versa.

It's a big one, see:

That's a standard issue 1977 Topps card of Bobby Bonds.  The Bonds card is about as big as the Budweiser logo in the middle of the schedule.  So this schedule is BIG.
You definitely CANNOT call this a pocket schedule, unless it was intended to be folded up and crammed in a pocket.  I don't think so.

But wait, there's more.
You can open this bad boy up.

It's so big it wouldn't fit on my scanner.
First, and on the left, is the California Angels game schedule for 1977.

And if you look to your right, you'll see Los Angeles Dodgers game schedule for 1977.

Here's the legend if you wanted to take a closer look:

Some interesting observations:

The Angels started the 1977 season on the road with 5 straight games against the brand new fledgling Seattle Mariners.
Frank Tanana and Nolan Ryan won the first two games throwing complete game shutouts.  The Mariners took games 3 and 4.  Then Tanana won the rubber match for his second straight win to start the season.

The Angels had a SCHEDULED Sunday double-header at home against the Rangers on June 26.
Anyone remember SCHEDULED double-headers that weren't due to rainouts or snowstorms?
I do.
The Angels took both games with reliever Paul Hartzell getting both wins.

The 1977 All-Star Game was on July 19th, and was held at Yankee Stadium.  The Dodgers sent Don Sutton, Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, and Reggie Smith.
The Angels sent Nolan Ryan and Dave LaRoche.

See anything different about this Dodgers logo?
On the front of the schedule I noticed that the Dodgers logo has a little crown on it.  The crown looks like it was ink-stamped on afterwards.
Anyone ever seen this before?

And on the back, an alternative Budweiser logo.

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  1. Am I reading it right that the pink shaded boxes are televised games?
    I swear I do not remember that many televised Angel's games until maybe '79 when they started to get better. Dodgers, sure, but Angels games in mid-70's? I remember very few... Even if you had ON TV, you maybe got 10 games a year. It was KMPC radio or nothing.