Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ebayer Sells Salmon Shipped On Ice

I much prefer to buy a card lot than individual cards.  Usually I can find a good lot where more than half of the cards I actually need.  The others I can usually trade or fit into another collection, like a player collection.  Such is the case here.

More than half of these cards I needed in my Angels team sets, most of the other half fit nicely into the Tim Salmon binder (which means it's a dupe to the team set Salmon).  A few went into the Tim Salmon trade stack.  I can always find another Salmon collector.

I got this 9-card lot for 50-cents, plus 3 bucks shipping.

These 3 are my favorites of the lot:
1997 SP Special FX #32
1997 Topps Finest Masters #246 Common
1996 SPX Gold #12

And for clarity, they weren't actually shipped on ice.

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