Friday, September 26, 2014

More Listia To Be Had

Nice little 4-card lot of random Angels.
Titled "LA Angels Young Stars."
Although Trout is not so random.

1997 UD3 PROmotion #22
Unique Salmon card I needed for binder.

2001 Topps WWHT1
Didn't know about this card for the Angels team set.
Happened upon it during a Nolan Ryan search.

Picked up this Angels lot above for this card:

2004 Upper Deck Vintage 272

I've been Oleruding lately too, looking for John Olerud cards I need.

1999 Upper Deck Ovation #8
There's that embossed baseball stitching that I love on cards.

1992 Snyders Washington Sports Heroes #6
2003 Upper Deck Franz Snyders #4
These two came in a lot that included other Sports Heroes and Snyders cards that I don't want.
Most of them are Mariners cards, so they'll eventually go out to a Mariners collector.

Another lot of 90's era Oleruds.

And another Olerud.
1999 Pacific Prism.
Not the most flattering shot of John,doing a little turkey-necking there.

There was a Yasiel Puig card in this lot I won, but he's a Dodger and I don't collect him.
So I cut him out.

My scanner made this look like a refractor, but it's not a refractor.
Maybe it's an indication that my scanner is getting ready to bug out on me.

Good stuff on Listia still to be had.
There's more coming in the mail.

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