Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome To My (Packaging) Nightmare

We as card traders seem to want to package stuff up as best we can, to ensure that the goods arrive safely and intact, not all busted up, smashed, or bent out of shape.

Odd sized items can prove to be a nightmare to package up though huh?
Alice Cooper even wrote a song about it.

I received a somewhat bulky trade package from Night Owl that included this oddly shaped piece of packaging cardboard inside.

It was wrapped around one corner of a jumbo-sized 1985 Topps Super that was in an equally jumbo-sized top loader.

Okay, cool.  The Owl wanted to ensure that this difficult to package super-sized card was kept safe.
Personally I would have used two pieces of Priority Mail cardboard to sandwich the card in between, but this little one-corner triangle of scrap cardboard seemed to work just as well.

Happy to say that all was intact, as well was the team bag of cards that came with it.

*  *  *
So with the packaging all tore away and left on the counter to be trashed, I flipped through the cards and put them all at the Command Center for later scanning and posting, and returned to the trash heap that was the packaging.

Curiosity got the best of me and I unfolded the cardboard triangle...

...which transformed into a beautiful Monarch butterfly!

I had completely forgotten that I had asked for this side panel when I saw it in a post on his blog a while back.
Thanks for remembering.
Anything flat with an Angel on it goes into the collection. 

Along with the awesome Jim Abbott cameo on the 1990 Topps wax box side panel,  Greg included a stack of Fleer Logo Stickers, a card I needed for the 2009 Upper Deck Master set, and two for the 2008 Documentary team set.

And checklist cards!
I think those two Triple Plays make the complete checklist set.

So, although Night Owl may have experienced first hand Alice Coopers "Welcome To My Nightmare",
I was glad to be the recipient of such a packaging ordeal.


  1. I still think my packaging was ingenious. But I guess I should have added a "DON'T THROW OUT!" note.