Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Means Catching Up With Listia

I missed work Monday due to icy roads here in the Metroplex.  Went in later on Tuesday for the same reason, so by the end of the day Thursday I was 11 hours behind.  Today of course was to be my off-Friday since I work a 9/80 schedule.

When the opportunity to work today was made available I took it so I could make up maybe half the hours I was short.  I took it even though a winter storm was to move in around 8:00 this morning. Can't be that bad can it?

It can.  Stupid move.

Even though roads were clear and it only took my normal 40 minutes to get to work at 6:00 this morning, it took no less that 2 1/2 hours to get home, and I ended up only working four hours.

So here's what I've been picking up on Listia lately.

1994-1995 Action Packed Bledsoe card lot

Topps 1963 checklist

2001 Upper Deck Decade Super Powers SP6

1993 Upper Deck Grand Slam #24

2013 Panini Prism #69

1983 NFL Huddles
I don't know why I had to have this.

1986 Topps Tattoos

More vintage checklists!

1992 Score Rising Star #38

Been picking off 1979 and 1980 Topps cards, inching closer and closer to completing the master sets.
Only problem with singles here and there is it drains your credits pretty fast.

1961 Topps #180

Sample of 4 cards in a Patriots lot.
I really wanted the 1995 Action Packed Bledsoe, always nice to pick up a bunch of randoms with a single card you want.  I'm a bit peeved that the flag on the Todd Collins card is displayed backwards.  I know it's supposed to look like it's in motion and moving to the right, but per guidelines the blue field is always to be displayed in the upper left.

Just my two-cents.

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