Sunday, March 1, 2015

Buzzing About These Card Buzz Cards

Card Buzz Trade Post

My kind of trade package where every card is a card off my needs list.

Six Salmons swimming swiftly into my Salmon binder.
Six more to cross off the massive Tim Salmon list.
I imagine the clear acetate cards came in those high-dollar packs of cards I could never afford.

Greg Myers completes my 1993 Leaf Angels Team Set.
Great to put that one to bed.
However, I'm a long way from finishing the 1993 Score team set, but the Sojo card puts me one closer.

Nice chunk of 1989 Fleer 4-Team Logo Stickers.
This lot leaves me with only one card (Braves/Cubs/Royals/Brewers) to complete the 1989 set.

Big thanks for these cards Laurens, and for taking the time and effort to search my Needs List.

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  1. Love those EX cards at the very top. It doesn't matter who is on the card, they all look great!