Sunday, January 3, 2016

12-3 Patriots Gameday Autographs

Week 17 Mail Returns

Raymond Berry (Patriots Coach 1984-1989)
I received Raymond Berry's autograph a long time ago when I only had an index card for him to sign.
After seeing a recent success on Cards of Future Fenway Stars I thought it time to send Mr. Berry some real cards.
Ten days later a stuffed envelope came back that included my two cards, a signed custom postcard, signed business-type card, a "Shirt Pocket Bible", very thoughtful answers to my questionaire, and a slip of paper asking about the background of my family's a hobby of Mr. Berry's, and a SASE.  I immediately sat down and responded to him.  I hope to hear back again.

Mr. Berry is a Christian, so I asked him about how he spends time with Lord:
"Study scripture like a football player studies the game..and for the same reasons (at least several of the same reasons): Know and be prepared for your opponent. Learn what your weapons are (the Word of God and the Holy Spirit) and how to use 'em. Do what your coach says - scripture: "My aim in not my own will, but the will of Him who sent me."

Awesome.  I love this guy.

Todd Collins (Patriots 1992-1998)
Todd started in 2 Superbowls: Super Bowl XXXI for the Patriots, and Super Bowl XXXIV for the Rams.
Todd signed these cards in 12 days from his home in New Market, TN.


  1. I knew I would find a few Pats autos when I clicked over. Collins was very underrated .

    1. At least during football season you will. Thanks for always commenting.