Monday, January 18, 2016

Cards From Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum

Trade post from I Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum.
Nice team bag full of Angels cards, thanks Jeff.

2014 Allen & Ginter's #101 Mini Mike Trout

1973 Topps #175 Frank Robinson

Sampling of the 2015 series cards to help get me caught up on my team sets.

Handful of Andrelton Simmons to get me started on TTM  for the Angels new edition.


  1. I love the idea for the Queens Throwback set, but greatly dislike the sepia toning of the pictures. Half the fun of the throwback uniforms is the unfamiliar or wacky color combinations and that's totally lost in this set. Plus, it seems a little repetitive with a similar insert in 2015 Flagship. Oh well.

    Nice bunch of Angels though! Please excuse my ranting.

  2. Glad you needed some thanks for the trade.