Friday, March 4, 2016

Package Part 1 From #Supertrader Hoyle

Got a nice package from Mark Hoyle, always generous with cards for my collection.  Mark knows what I like and didn't disappoint.  He hit three of my "likes" categories so I figured I'd break this down into three posts.

Part 1 Angels

1997 Topps #24 Garret Anderson
At first glance I thought, "Why does this card show Anderson in a rundown between two other Angels? Hmmm, must be a Spring training inter-squad game."
Seriously, my thought process that far before I looked a little closer.

2013 Gypsy Queen Mini #270 Jim Abbott
2015 Gypsy Queen Mini #49 Albert Pujols
I don't have enough minis in my Angels collection.
I know there are a ton of Angels mini's out there, I just don't have all the team sets yet.

1966 Topps 50th Anniversary Buyback #280 and #173
I literally hopped up and down when I saw these.
I have so few, I think these are my third and fourth, that when I get one I am super stoked.
I am super stoked.

Donruss 1986 All-Stars jumbo #46
Love these and hate these.
Well more like 80/20
Love them for their odd-ballness and for the team set,
hate them because I have to go get special pages for them.

And ALL of the rest of the Angels:
That 1990 Classic Yellow is my favorite design of the classic series, although the pink and the 1987 yellow versions are pretty close.

I keep meaning to do a team set check on those 1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes, I know I (now) have a handful of different cards.

Fun Fact: For you newbies to collecting, look for the GOLD Medallion on Fleer Ultra cards
(like on the Mark Langston card).
They were a randomly inserted parallel versions of the base cards, and putting a team set together can be difficult.

Good stuff Mark.
Part 2 is coming up: Checklists