Saturday, March 12, 2016

Package Part 3 From #Supertrader Hoyle

Got a nice package from Mark Hoyle, always generous with cards for my collection.  Mark knows what I like and didn't disappoint.  He hit three of my "likes" categories so I figured I'd break this down into three posts.

Part 3 Sweepstakes, Scratchers, Promos, Special Offers, Mail-Ins, Game Cards and Giveaways.

Call them what you want, I like them all, and Mark send me the biggest and best stack I have ever received.

1988 Topps Baseball Coins Mail-In
This is a blank back, mail-in (they give you the address to send your wrappers and money to) that came with a box of Topps Baseball Coins.
Super-stoked as I had never seen one of these before, and it's an awesomly odd shape.

1981 Topps Hit To Win Scratcher
This one is cool because although I have a version of this card, mine has the "plays" in a different order as opposed to the GROUND OUT, STRIKE OUT, and FLY OUT on this one.
Any other versions out there?

1989 Topps Spring Fever Baseball Sweepstakes
Didn't know this existed.
It's a smaller size, like a Topps mini.
I wonder if there is standard sized one?

1975 Topps Football and 1974-75 Topps Basketball and Hockey Scratch-Offs
Whoa Doctor!
Two of each so I could show you the front and back of these gems.
Oh my gosh these are so cool.

How many of those Diamond Giveaway cards did I GIVE AWAY before realizing they fit into the collection.  When Topps started printing codes on the back, I became blind to these cards.
Duh.  Now I have to go back and start rebuilding these sets.

That 2013 MLB Chipz card has Mike Trout on the front so I'll need another copy to go in the Trout PC. The little Cracker Jack card and the '94 Fleer card are pretty cool too since they have a checklist on the back.

Uh-oh, someone actually used the mail-in portion of those 1992 Topps Match The Stats Game cards.
I actually won a Topps Black Gold set this way back in the day.

I typically try to stick with baseball, but all these football, hockey, and basketball cards are cool too.
And boy I bought a lot of Pro Set football in the early 90's, all of which is just about gone now.
As well as the 1991 Stadium Club Hockey.

Super awesome stuff Mark.
Very much appreciated.


  1. I have another of the 2013 chips giveaway cards. I'll throw it in next package. I have a chips wrapper that has Trout also. I'll set it aside

  2. I remember those Topps Coin promo cards! They were packaged sort of like Topps Chipz are today, but in a longer package. I used to get them in these little repacks at Albertson's when I was a kid.