Friday, February 10, 2017

Completed Angels Team Set - 1971 Jack In The Box California Angels

This was kind of a weird set. Jack In The Box issued a legitimate Angels team set in 1969 (still need the Fregosi card for that one), but this 1971 offering was unauthorized and had no official connection to the team or the restaurant (even though both logos can be seen on the cards). Its called a "collectors issue" but my SCBC does not indicate how the cards were distributed.

As noted in my last post, all I needed to complete this set was the Conigliero card.

Also note that the Rudy May card is autographed.


  1. These seem almost reminiscent of business cards - such an odd, oddball set. Nevertheless, gotta love weirdo vintage, such as these gems!

  2. Man, I really did weird oddball vintage sets. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice auto on the May. This was hard to track down. Glad you scored the Tony C