Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Opened This Pack And A Super Bowl Broke Out

Standing in line at my local Dollar Tree, after having grabbed a large padded envelope and a box of peel-n-stick envelopes, I noticed a box of football cards next to the counter. I don't usually pick up random packs of football cards, but this pack called to me.

You guys know these packs. 
A buck each, usually no more than 5 cards, and ZERO chance of pulling a hit. 
But hey, they're only a buck!

Here they are in order.
Drew Brees #54
Former Super Bowl Champion and MVP.
And all-around good guy.

Lamar Miller #12
Now we're getting relevant: a playoff guy from this season, that's kinda neat.

But here is where this pack starts to get spooky:
Matt Ryan #61
Just lost the Super Bowl, he's pointing towards the EXIT sign.

Duke Johnson #19

But now I freak out:
Tom Brady #42
What are the odds of opening a pack of cards less than two weeks after the Super Bowl and finding both starting quarterbacks inside?

And as a bonus, The Super Bowl MVP is also featured on the Panini Gridiron App card.


  1. Nice looking Matt Ryan card. He is one of my non Steelers player collections.

  2. I often pick up those packs from Dollar Tree. On one trip out of 5 packs, or maybe one of my overboard trips of grabbing a huge hand full of a dozen packs I had two packs that had the exact same 5 cards.

    On a recent trip I also picked up some of those 20 card repacks of baseball cards, and one of those packs had a duplicate in a bag so that I had 19 unique cards out of the 20 in the bag.