Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Random Trio From The Commish

A PWE came with a total of three cards inside. But the three cards were three AWESOME oddball cards for the Angels collection.

1962 Post #78 Albie Pearson
Nothing better than a card you had to cut off of a cereal or jello box. The cellophane wrapped cards that came later like those found in potato chip bags or in Mother's Cookies were pretty fun too.
My Angels collection for Jello and Post cereal cards is lacking, so this a really nice addition.

1970 Topps Story Booklets No.3 Jay Johnstone
Sole Angels representative in this nifty 24-booklet set.
This oddball set had some oddball players featured like Wally Bunker, Denis Menke, and Al Ferrara. I have to assume that they all had an interesting story to tell.

1988 Fantastic Sams Baseball Superstars Sweepstakes
Distributed at the 1,800 haircut salons nationwide. 
Again the sole Angel in the set is Wally Joyner. 
I'm not even tempted to scratch this thing off to see what my prize would have been.
On the inside is the entry form and the players statistics.
I suppose the big blak box was so folks could hold them up to the light to reveal what was under the scratch-off.

Super cool cards Commish, thank you.

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