Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Completed Sweepstakes 2006 Upper Deck Mascots Set

Shortly after asking for help to complete this little 3-card set, help was received and now I've completed it.

2006 Upper Deck Collect the Mascots and Win!
I guess I'd have to say that those are the top three most recognizable MLB mascots, although I'd probably replace Wally with the Famous Chicken.

Not sure how difficult it was to originally pull all three cards from packs, but if you did YOU WERE A WINNER!
Of some sort.

Here's some of the prizes as noted on the back of the card:
I'd love to hear if any of you entered and won something from this contest.

So, cool little sweepstakes set to add to the collection.
Many thanks to Jason's Sports Card Blog for sending me two of the three cards I need.
And a bunch of Pats I'll be posting later.


  1. I discovered this set and got all three of them a few years ago (2010 maybe?). I was a little disappointed that there were only 3 cards in this set. OK sure it was really just a contest/coupon thing for kids but still it is a fun little set. I don't think I've blogged about it yet, but mean to sometime.

  2. 2017 Updated Mr. Met card has him giving a kid the finger!