Monday, May 21, 2018

About a Pound Of Patriots

Trade Mail From Swing and a Pop-Up

Wow, seriously, probably the biggest stack of Patriots cards I've ever received in a trade package. If not, then close to the top.
Stoked to get that Rod Rust. It's already in the mail to get his autograph.
And this knocks out a big chunk of 90's cards that I was missing.
I needed every single one.

I picked out a few to highlight.
1991 Pacific #318a Error
This error has his name spelled "Stevens" not Stephens on the front and back.
#318b has "Stevens" on the back only, I need that one.
And #318c is the correct version with "Stephens" on front and back, I need that one as well.

1991 Fleer Ultra #96
I like the action shot of a scrambling Tommy Hodson.

1991 Pro Set Platinum #308
Another cool full-bleed action shot of a sea of Patriots.

1989 Topps 1000 Yard Club #9
John Stephens again, but not an error card. Just a catchy design.

1991 Pacific #189
How'd you like your name to be Harry Colon?
That would stink (pun intended).

All these Pats are much appreciated Bert, thanks for scouring my want list.

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