Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Another One for Ninety-One

It's been a while since I completed the (bulk of the) 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Master Set. The only stragglers are a handful of errors/variations that still need to be tracked down. I picked up one of those recently on ebay for a buck and fifty cents.

TCDB labels this as #636a Variation - Date on Front.

As opposed to the card I already had, #636b Variation - No Date on Front.

These are the others I'm still looking for:
309 Milt Thompson bullseye on back
311 Luis Salazar circled i in back
354 Don Mattingly missing stats on back
SS-11 Lance Parish Silver Slugger slanted number 11 on back


  1. What was the need for UD to remove the date on the top of the base? Good luck with the rest of them!

    1. As I understand things, the date got added after the record was broken but the set had already been out for a while by that point.