Saturday, May 9, 2020

I Had The Nomo's Sushi Platter, And I Was Not Disappointed

Guess who I heard from?
Michael of Nomo's Sushi Platter reached out to me asking about my autographed cards for sale, and mentioning that he's downsizing and needed to off-load a bunch of Angels. I said I'd take them, but not before I said "Hey! How are you Man?" (its been 5 years since he last posted).

Downsizing sounded like an understatement, because then he said he was only collecting Nomo, Mondesi, Piazza, Ethier and Kemp. I don't think that means he's dumping everything but those 5 guys, but that's a pretty focused collection.

Well, I got a box of cards in the mail last week:
Wasn't expecting that!
That's an off-loading of Angels for sure.

I picked out some of my faves.
2004 SPx SPXciting Rookies  Jersey/Autograph #201, 723/799

2005 Zenith Z-Bats ZB-34

2008 UD Timeline Autographs #101
2009 TriStar Projections Autographs #146
Just the other I was reliving via Youtube, the steamrolling cheap-shot Wilson took at the plate from that jack-wad Mark Teixiera in 2010. Can't stand the guy.

The Finley has to be an IP, because I'm pretty sure he NEVER signs through the mail. Gary Matthews is hit and miss TTM. Glad to have these both.

2002 UD 40 Man Gargantuan Gear Jersey G-AS

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Bat #212, 219/250

Tim Salmon 5-years apart and exactly the same swing.

2003 Fleer Platinum Heart of the Order #7
Gets my vote for a creepy card, look at Troy Glaus.
Also bothers me that the batting order is Erstad, Glaus, Anderson, but the photos are Glaus, Anderson, Erstad. Fleer has them batting out of order!

2012 Topps Gold #597
Ah, one of my favorite Angels cards, and favorite of Hank Conger.
Just look at that. It's awesome.

Great hearing from you Michael, thanks for thinking of me.
You'll probably be receiving just about every Nomo, Mondesi, Piazza, Ethier and Kemp I own. 
I need to downsize too!


  1. nice lot of cards! i just watched the collision at home plate. Man, that hurt - an unnecessarily hard hit on Wilson!

  2. Very cool to see another blogger step out of the woods and make an appearance.

  3. I wasn't around yet to have ever read his blog, but that was a very generous package to send someone after so many years away!