Sunday, May 31, 2020

Trades Still Coming In

This year is still off to hot start with the trades still flying. I'm sure that this is due to the quaranteen, and no sports going on, especially baseball right now. What other forms of entertainment do we have to pass this time. How exciting is it waiting for the mailman everyday to see whats come in the mail. I, for one, am loving it!
First off, a two-card PWE from Baseball Every Night. Griffin Canning is just getting back to throwing after some elboy soreness set him back. I was looking forward to seeing him do well in this, his second season, if we ever get it going.

Cards on Cards sent a nice selection including a couple of Angels Utz cards. Love the design of these (as well as the Tops of the Class cards). I never bothered to check my local grocers for Utz chips, so I'm glad to get these. I'll need to track down a second of the Pujols Topps Now card since I'm collecting the set as well.

Another PWE came from My Life in the Sports Card Hobby. The Pujols Starquest is actually a Cardinals card, but thats okay. I set any Pujols cards aside as a potential future PC. The Justin Upton card isnt identified as an Angels card either, so he won't go with the team set. Again that's okay, because I also like to set aside Team USA cards for future autograph endeavors.

Frankie also gifted-back this 1998 Pinnacle Tony Gwynn. Apparently I had sent him a bunch of these several years ago. This will probably go into a future giveaway post. Boy, I have a lot of ideas for the "future".

1965 Topps #13
Blown away by this Charlie Long card sent by A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts. In my world, these are tough cards to come by when trying to complete the early Patriots team sets. Super stoked to get this.

Good trades folks! I'm still trying to keep it going.

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  1. Cool Gwynn. Someone recently sent me that card and I was surprised that I didn't own a copy since I'm pretty sure I opened up some Pinnacle Mint back in the day.