Friday, July 10, 2020

Baseball Card #444 - 2020 Topps

Newest Baseball Card #444 from 2020 Topps Series Two.
GCRL jumped all over this one, remembering that I collect #444 baseball cards, and included it in a recent PWE with some other cards (post coming up).

Do pitchers really get credit for "inducing" a triple play? It's not like he was intentionally thinking he would create one, or that there was even the potential for one behind him. That's a stretch.


  1. I'm sure not sure why the Red Sox signed him. Maybe they see something the rest of us don't.

  2. It's a nice card and I'll have to add it to my wantlist, but I'm not expecting much from Perez. The Sox probably signed him just cause they needed cheap arms - that or they like his ability to "induce" triple plays, haha.

  3. Good call. Induce was the wrong word. Topps should hire you. You can uses your E-Motion blog as a reference ;D