Friday, July 17, 2020

New 13-1/2 Year TTM Return Record

You read that right.
I mailed 3 cards to Dave Engle on Jan 18, 2007 and just got them back today. That's 4,929 days, or 13 1/2 years! Pretty sure that's now my new longest wait. The previous longest wait was from Kevin Romine at 3,916 days. Coincidentaly, those were also sent in 2007.

I wanted Engels autograph on the '83 and '84 Topps cards for those sets I'm working (or was more actively working 13 years ago!). I also like minor league autographed cards, hence the 1991 Line Drive. I think Dave threw in the '86 Topps as it wasn't in my records that I included one. It's available if anyone needs it.


  1. wow that is a long time coming! i always liked his 1984 card, and the stirrup game on his 1983 card is top notch.

  2. guess he was waiting for free time?? how old is the postmark? lol.

  3. What a nice surprise. If you didn't send the '86, then what was the fourth card you sent?

    1. Typo, I only mailed 3 according to my records. Good catch.

  4. Oh man. That's awesome! You should create a Top 5 or Top 10 post with the longest (and even the shortest) turnaround times. Regardless... it's cool that he eventually took the time to send your cards back. If you sent it with a SASE... I wonder if he had to add extra postage or were there already Forever stamps back then?

  5. Holy moly. That's amazing. I've been through three mailing addresses since you sent those out.

  6. That's awesome! Wonder if they got misplaced somewhere along the way or if he's just working through a backlog? Either way, it's still awesome.