Friday, December 11, 2020

Can Sum-Body TESTIFY?!

I finalized an autograph trade recently with Bill, the prolific TTM blogger at Bravestarr Cards. Bill had some signed versions of a specific-style testimony card (or Bible card) that I collect. This is the style:

Solid color border, simple block name in the lower right corner.

In addition to the card above, Bill sent four more:

With Bill's five, I now have 17 different cards:
A few players have multiple versions of the card, like Bill Wegman above with red and blue versions. I have seen at least several of these from players like Mitch Webster, Rex Hudler, and Andy Van Slyke.
If anyone has any for trade, please let me know.


  1. I only have a Kunkel though I've gotten a few of these guys without receiving a card so I'm wondering if they're still being printed. Kind of love the idea of treating these as a set.

  2. So, are these released in autograph form? Or have they been signed aftermarket?

    1. The players had them and would typically include one with a ttm request.

  3. By looking at the players, these cards were more common in the 1990s when active players would respond to mail regularly and might include these cards as extras to get word about their interests out.

    I don't think these cards were meant to be sold.

  4. These look so great laid out with all the colors. I love it! Thanks for the trade! Sorry it took us so long to get done.

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