Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Let's Taco 'Bout This Trade

 Remember The Astrodome sent me a package of cards recently. In a previous post I highlighted the Allen & Ginters code card he included. Now, here's some of the rest.

Thats the card the Marc included in the package. How did he know that I love tacos? Probably didn't. But I do. Funny thing though; I do crosswords and whenever "taco" is the answer, the clue mentions it as a "snack". I've always seen tacos as a meal, and eat them like a meal.

The cards came in this Mike Trout adorned 2018 Gypsy Queen box, which I have already broken down to stored away. Yes, its a keeper.

Here's just a few from the big stack of cards Marc sent over.

2018 Topps Fire Orange #131, 047/299

2017 Gypsy Queen Purple #285, 186/250

2004 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns Platinum #99
TCDB says that this should be numbered to /25, but I see no numbering on the back. Hmmm. Maybe a printing error?

When I saw this I thought ooh, what special card did Marc put in here? And I wondered what card came out of it that he kept.

Yesssss! He probably didn't keep the card after all, he pulled this one and sent it to me!

All good stuff Marc, and thanks for all the other great Angels stuff you sent.


  1. Nice! I'm fond of those orange Fire parallels.

  2. Tacos are snacks for people who eat more meals per day than they should.

  3. That's a nice looking buyback. And I've never thought of tacos as a snack. Choco Tacos, maybe :)