Sunday, January 24, 2021

Bob Dillinger Does Not Like Questions

I love this response that I got from 86-year old Bob Dillinger. He longed for the old days of just scribbling his name on a piece of paper, and not having to fill out a short questionaire based on long ago memories.

Corresponence received in January 2004.
Bob Dillinger passed away November 7, 2009 (aged 91).

St. Louis Browns (1946–1949)
Philadelphia Athletics (1950)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1950–1951)
Chicago White Sox (1951)

All-Star (1949)
3× AL stolen base leader (1947–1949)


  1. Too funny! I can't tell if he was old and crabby or being tongue in cheek.

  2. Another baseball player who doesn't want to answer questions for the press. Sounds familiar.

  3. I hope he was just being cute haha

  4. Awesome. I only contact players electronically (email, social media) and have certainly gotten a few negative responses. Far outweighed by the positives though.

  5. That's a good autograph for an 86-year-old.