Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Bob Doerr, My First Signed HOF Plaque Postcard

In 1996 I made my second trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown. One of my pickups from the giftshop was a set of HOF Plaque postcards (wish I would have thought of it during my first trip in 1992). The first postcard I sent out for an autograph was Bobby Doerr's who was always a very generous TTM signer.

I used to ask pretty generic questions back then, thought I'd make it easier on the player. These days I do a little more research and ask more specific questions.

I wrote to Mr. Doerr several times over the years, the correspondence directly above came with the plaque postcard in March 1997.
Bobby Doerr passed away November 13, 2017 (aged 99).

Boston Red Sox (1937–1944, 1946–1951)

9× All-Star (1941–1944, 1946–1948, 1950, 1951)
Boston Red Sox No. 1 retired
Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame
National Baseball Hall of Fame (1986)


  1. Love his "good habits" response. I'm gonna use that one day.

  2. That's awesome. I picked up a signed card of his off eBay decades ago, and had I known he was a good signer in my youth, I'd probably have asked him some questions too.