Monday, January 24, 2011

Completed Team Set 1975 Topps

Added the last card I needed to complete the 1975 Topps Angels Team Set, #548 Charlie Sands. I actually had this card several years ago, but it was never returned from Charlie after I sent it to him to sign. Thats a chance I thought was worth the risk.

After recently adding several other cards I needed, I figured I'd go ahead and round out the set by purchasing the lone card I needed online. I wont be sending any others out for autographs.

My favorite in the set, as far as for eye appeal, would have to be Ryans regular card #500. I think that the purple with pink is a good color combination and his facsimile autograph doesn't dominate the card like most the others do. He's in a simple but confident pose before an uncluttered background.

Dave Chalk, John Doherty, Denny Doyle, Ed Figueroa, Bobby Heise, Dick Lange, Rudy Meoli, Orlando Pena, Ellie Rodriguez, Frank Tanana, Bobby Valentine, and Dick Williams all added signatures to their cards.

Steve Busby of the Royals signed the '74 Highlights No-Hitters card. I actually have another one that Busby as well as Dick Bosman have signed. I'll need to somehow get Nolan Ryan's autograph to complete it.

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