Monday, January 3, 2011

Todays Mail: Saverine, Semproch, Dressendorfer

Three returns today, nice way to start out the new year.

The first envelope that caught my eye was this type-written one, and I mean type-writer type-written, like old school. Then I saw Bob Saverine's name and I thought "AWESOMENESS!"

The cards fell out first. Nice ballpoint autographs on a 1963 Topps rookie, and a 1966 and 1967 sent 17 days earlier. These are sweet to have for my collection, but something even sweeter was coming.

I unfolded the paper that I thought was the letter I had sent him, with his responses inked in. Only there wasn't any ballpoint ink.

You know that getting a response nowadays, I think, is rare enough, but a type written I can only assume that it's easier for him to type now than it is to hand write, and clearly he wanted to respond.

Now some may say that it's more personal to have the hand written responses, in his own penmanship. But I beg to differ. For the guy to take a piece of blank paper, get out the old type-writer, insert the paper, line it up, and start typing away with his knobby old baseball hands, being sure to include my original questions, yanking it out of type-writer then hand signing it is, well, priceless.

I think the part that moved me the most was his offer to answer any more questions about baseball or " in general..." and then I got a chuckle from his suggestion for the return envelope.

I will write you back Bob Saverine because I am genuinely interested in and appreciative of you.

Ray Semproch was the second letter I opened today. His card came back in 21 days.

I've gotten Ray's autograph in the past for my All-Time Angels collection, but I had recently picked up the 1960 Topps. The card was bound for a binder when I happened to turn it over to look at the cartoon and saw that Ray used build model airplanes, something I've done most of my life.

So I thought that I would take the opportunity to write him again but this time to share the hobby we had in common: something other than baseball. His responses were brief, but at least he responded.

Semproch played for the Angels in their inaugural season 1961.

It's always a nice touch when they add their personal return address label.

Kirk Dressendorfer returned 3 signed cards and a response in 13 days.

Kirk played one season for the A's, 1991 where he went 0-1 against the Angels.

The 1992 Donruss is up for trade if anyone is interested.

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  1. Like you said, any response at all is awesome, which makes Saverine's letter that much cooler. Sounds like he really enjoyed your questions. Very cool.