Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Purchased: 1968 Dexter Press

Picked up this awesome 1968 Dexter Press postcard of Jim Fregosi.

Fregosi, as usual was the Angel team leader...

No sarcasm, just a fact. By 1968 Fregosi was leader in many catagories in team history, as noted on the back of the postcard. Let's see if his records still stand.

Was on base nine consecutive times to set an Angel record...

The Angels media guide has Consecutive Times on Base Safely...12 by Bobby Grich in 1984.

... Also holds team record for eight straight hits...

Again to the media guide which has Consecutive Hits...9 by Bengie Molina in 2001.

Only Angel in history to hit for cycle (July 28, 1964 at home vs. Yankees).

Shortly after this card was produced, Fregosi hit for the cycle a second time on May 20, 1968. Since then, other Angels to do so are Dan Ford (1979), Dave Winfield (1991), Jeff Davanon (2004), and Chone Figgins (2006).

So at least we know that his hit-for-the-cycle recod stood for 11 years. I couldn't find a list for the first two, just the most current to achieve it, so I can't tell when the record was first broken or who broke it.

I could contact the team, but it's not that big a deal, and you get the point.

A bit of good news is that Fregosi still holds the career Angels record for most triples (70), and BFW (28.4).

[Batter-Fielder Wins (BFW) is a metric devised by Pete Palmer that estimates the number of wins over (or under) what an average player would contribute to his team with his batting, baserunning and fielding.]retrosheet

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