Thursday, August 25, 2011

$1.50 in pocket and 20 minutes at my LCS

2011 Bowman #89 Kendry (Kendrys to his close friends) Morales.
2006 Bowman #59 Bobby Abreu.
2006 Topps Gold #582 Francisco Rodriguez 0178/2006.  This card would be perfect if not for his foot being cut off my the name banner.
2004 Fleer Legacy #30 Vladimir Guerrero.  A sparkly diamond on Vladdys teeth would have been a nice touch.
2003 Upper Deck Superior Sluggers #S1 Troy Glaus.  From the card back: "Even though he's only played four full seasons in the majors, Glaus already ranks sixth on the Angels' career homer list."
From 2000 through 2002 Glaus hit 47, 41, and 30 home runs.
1993 Upper Deck SP #284 Eduardo Perez Premier Prospects.  I would have swore that I already had this card, but turns out after digging through one of my 1990's  binder that I didn't.  Glad.

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  1. Pssssh ... A $1.50 in my LCS could buy me a few gumballs.