Sunday, August 21, 2011

Completed Team Set 1981 Topps Scratch-Offs

Recently picked up the second card I needed to complete this team set.

The 1981 Scratch-Off cards were sold separately from the regular set, and included the stick of gum. Of the 108 card set, the Angels had 2 cards, Rod Carew and Carney Lansford. But of the 108 cards in the set, there are 144 possible panel combinations.

I decided one panel of each Angel was sufficient to complete the team set.

My #18 Rod Carew is at the top of the panel with #36 Willie Randolph and card #53 Mike Norris below.

Carney Lansford #25 gets the middle slot on this one and shares his panel with #6 Tony Armas and #43 Roy Smalley.

The backs of the two cards are almost identical with the top card noting the Scratch-Off game rules, and the middle card having the Scoreboard. The backs of the bottom cards have different advertisements, this one being the baseball hat offer. Carew's panel has an offer for the Topps Super Sports Card Locker. Nice.

I suppose that you could also have additional versions depending on the card location -top, middle, bottom, and each having a different back.

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