Saturday, December 24, 2011

Additional Correspondance

The more you send out, the more you get back. And if you do your research you end up not losing too many never to be seen again.

I do my research and send only to guys with good return numbers. As I mentioned before I belong to

I had a bunch of these Talking SLU cards so I looked up who were good signers and sent a bunch out.  Jerry Don Gleaton is a good signer and he also adds a Bible verse, something I don't mind at all.  Mr. Gleaton signed these cards in 12 days.

I asked him some questions about his faith.


I saw recently on that Danny Tartabull had been signing stuff. I knew that he had cards in several sets I'm collecting so I took the chance to send him 4 cards.
And it paid off.  He signed all 4.

And, although brief, he did answer my questions.
Returned after 35 days sent to his home in Agoura Hills, California.

Ken Rowe took only 9 days to sign and return this 1965 Topps card.

Take a look at question #3:
Sweet!  He's a collector.  I wonder how he goes about collecting autographs...same as we do?  I'm sure he has a lot of connections inside baseball too.  I'll have to write him again and ask him some questions about his collection.

Marty Brown not only signed my cards and answered the questions but left some interesting comments along the way.
Notice the "True Fan!" he wrote on the Score card.  I wonder if (and hope) he's referring to me: maybe since I took the time to ask him some personal questions he knows that this is a personal hobby of mine, that I am genuinely interested and that I'm not in to sell autographs on ebay.

Or, it may be in reference to this:
My return address label has an American Legion logo.  We get a sheet of address labels regularly from them since we've contributed before.  Mr. Brown wrote that he's a "Big fan: American Legion".
Marty is the manager of the Las Vegas 51's the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.  Not sure what he means by the "...talent from New Hampshire!" comment for question #2.

Another answer that I didn't understand was that his "...ancestors started the Kory League.."   He knew I wouldn't know what that was, hence his comment to "Look it up!"  Well, I did look it up and still have no idea what the Kory League is.

He likes puzzles this Marty Brown.  He made that statement again on the back of the envelope:


  1. Nice returns - I think what Brown means when looking forward to new talent from New Hampshire is the Blue Jays have their Double-A affiliate there, so he is looking to manage the players who should be moving up to Triple-A Las Vegas.

  2. Tartabull lives in Agoura Hills? I could walk over there!