Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Completed Team Sets 1981 and 1982 Topps Squirt

These Topps Squirt cards were issued as 2-card panels in 8-pack cartons of soda.  The backs are the regular 1981 Topps backs but with different numbering to follow the 33-card set.

There were 22 different card panels, with cards numbered 1-11 appearing on 2 different bottom panel combinations.  The Rod Carew card (#9) fits in this catagory, so in actuality, if I wanted the whole Angels panel set I would need the Rod Carew/Johnny Bench panel as well.
Fortunately, I have the individual team set also.  These were cut from the panels at some point.

The 1982 Squirt panels were issued similarly except the cards themselves were completely different from the regular 1982 Topps issue and they came in one or two cards panels, with an additional scratch-off or grocery game card. Twenty-two different players were in the set, and the card panels came in four variations.

Reggie Jackson was the only Angels in this series, but I suppose he appears on different combination panels.

The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards doesn't mention what the punch-hole was for, but I assume it's to hang the panel over the neck of a soda bottle.

A very attractive design in my opinion, especially with the color combination, and especially with the panel intact.


  1. Nice looking cards. It's always nice to knock out 2 of those hard to find oddball sets for us team collectors.

  2. never noticed before, but it looks like topps recycled the team name font from their 1978 set. cool.