Saturday, December 3, 2011

Complete Team Set 1969 Boston Patriots

Like I've said, I haven't collected football cards in years.  Many years. 

I never really collected older football, I got started on them in the early 90's and finished in the early 00's.  I have probably a 5000 count boxfull some where.  Someday I'll get around to trying to trade them.

Let me know if you're interested.

But of those that I collected, I pulled out all the Patriots cards and binderized them.  I then went about and picked up some of the older Patriots cards here and there, and then started sending to old Patriots for autographs.  Again, actively collecting football cards ended 10 years ago, autographs maybe 5 years ago.

I went through that Patriots binder the other day, and although I no longer have the desire to collect any Patriot card I come across, I did make a minor decision to try to complete some Patriot team sets but limit it to only cards from the 1960's when they were the Boston Patriots.

With that in mind, I hit my LCS yesterday and searched through the box of 1969 Topps football.  I found several Patriots in the box but only 1 Patriot card that I knew I didn't have.  What I didn't know is that one card is all that I needed to complete the 1969 team set. 

So here it is.  The completed set:

Autographs of Art Graham and Larry Garron.

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