Monday, January 2, 2012

Autographs in the Mail

Lee Stevens signed this 1991 Topps Stadium Club #293 and the back of this 1993 Upper Deck Gary DiSarcina card already signed by Bobby Rose, and Gary DiSarcina. Sent to his home in Colorado after 31 days.

This is how I got them to sign the back:
Gotta love stickies.

Larry Gura requires $2 a card, which I sent along with these two 1983 Topps set cards I needed. Signed after 11 days from his PO box in Arizona.

I saw a recent success for Jay Howell on Autographed Cards, or was it AutoMatic For The People, no it was Card Buzz..oh I can't remember, but they had a success and I knew that I needed Jay Howell for several sets, so I sent, and I got. 1984 Topps #239, 1992 Stadium Club #457, and 1991 Upper Deck #558 signed in 12 days from Georgia.

Oh duh. Two of the cards are Dodger cards, bet it was Nomo's Sushi Platter!

These cards were a huge surprise, I thought they were long gone. I mailed these cards to Glenn Hubbard in April 2007. Only 1718 days later! According to Glen Hubbard is spotty at best TTM so I knew I was taking a chance when I sent these. Glad to have this 1983 Topps, 1983 Fleer, and 1984 Topps back and signed!

And now on to some Patriots.

I know that I said recently that I was only focusing on Boston Patriots, but I already had all these New England Patriots cards so I figured I might as well send some out to some good TTM signers.

Patriot Great Gino Cappalletti has signed for me in the past, but I had this nifty 1969 Topps card begging for an autograph. Some folks get annoyed with personalization like the "To Tom" but I don't mind at all. These cards aren't going anywhere but my collection.

Gino also was kind enough to answer a few handwritten questions.

Can players still "ask" for a tryout? I imagine the days of Rudy or walk-ons are long gone. Pretty cool he walks on and ends up staying for 10 years.

Two more Patriot cards returned were these from Randy Vataha who signed his 1972 Topps #158 and 1977 Topps #64 after 10 days from where else but Massachusetts.  Vataha played for the Pats from 1971-1976.


  1. I played ball with Lee in Lawrence,KS as a teen. He was a year younger than me. The only time I remember facing him, I threw one of my great fastballs (that's great with sarcasm) and he hit a line drive about 5 feet off the ground all the way to the fence. The fence was the only thing that kept it in the park. He was a really sweet swinging lefty and not a bad guy, imo.

  2. Nice Jay Howell! He was my first TTM return a couple weeks ago.