Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Stack of Mail That Greeted Me Home - Part 2

I did some trading for some signed cards. They came.

I also like signed Angels cards, and most of these Angels are guys that I've had a hard time getting to sign.

First up, Zach of Autographed Cards (an awesome autographed card blog by-the-way) posted this 2006 Fleer Tradition Tim Hamulack card:

Well, I'm collecting this set, autographed, so I inquired about the card. Zach said it was available so we set up a trade.

His next post was of a signed 2006 Fleer Tradition Ryan Shealy card that I also needed. But alas, that one was unavailable. Zach must have felt bad for me because when I received the Hamulack card he also included an unsigned Bowman Mark Trumbo gold card, and this:

Sweet! Thank you for being so thoughtful Zach.

Francis aka frosejr on sportscollectors.net had a bunch of autographed Heritage cards for sale. A bunch that I needed too. And at 2-bucks a card I couldn't pass these up.

Three times I've tried to get that Jarrod Washburn card signed through the mail only to have them gone forever. I tried getting him when he came to the stadium too, but never could get him to come over. Now I finally got him. Watch, all three I sent will show up in the mail this year now.

Also on sportscollectors.net I was contacted by Andy who had interest in a signed Ryan Sweeney card I had on my trade list. We finally worked out a deal that got me this Willie McGinest Patriots card.

Look for Willie to be an Autographed Patriots Card of the Month in the future.

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  1. I'm always happy to help out. Thanks for the trade. Let me know if there are any royals signatures that you need from the '83 Topps set. I could probably part with a Dennis Leonard, a John Wathan record breaker, and a John Mayberry (though he is a Yankee on that card).