Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick and Easy Trade for Rookie Cups

Made a quick and easy trade with Thorzul after I saw his post (and watched the video) about a Topps Rookie Cup box break. I inquired about the Angels he pulled from the box, and before long we agreed to a trade.

I pulled a bunch of minis and other cards from his wantlists, he threw in a couple extra Angels, we agreed on a relic swap, and away went went.

There were a couple more Angels Rookie Cups in the package than I expected (guess I didn't pay close enogh attention to the video). Close to a team set in fact. Thankfully I'm only short the Devon White and the Adam Kennedy.  Most of the cards above are the base-colored cards.  The green Garret Anderson however is numbered 129/199.

I had started collecting the Tim Salmon rainbow a while back, and only need the tougher cards to complete the Salmon set: /50 Blue, /5 Silver, and 1/1 Gold. Toughies I know.  The parallels are numbered and colored as such:

Gold Parallel (160) - Hobby Exclusive. Each is a 1 of 1!
Silver Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 5
Blue Parallel (160) - seq #'d to50
Green Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 199
Yellow Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 299
Orange Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 399
Red Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 499

I'll have to check on the rookie cup reprint cards, like the last two in the picture above. Is there a rookie cup reprint card for each player in the Rookie Cup set?

Also included in the package was this 2011 Bowman Platinum Dan Haren Refractor 487/999.

2008 Topps Kendry Morales Gold 0265/2008.

And the relic: 2011 Topps Lineage Vernon Wells 1975 Mini Jersey 75R-VW.
I really dig the grey jersey as opposed to the white. White is so boring.

Thanks Thorzul. Very pleased.

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  1. I love that set. I am actually attempting a master set all the way down to blue as a VERY long-term collecting project. Got any extras?