Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching Up With Mail Returns

George Thomas played for the Angels from 1961-1963 after being purchased from the Tigers.  He signed this card and answered a couple questions in 9 days from his home in Sarasota Florida.  George responded that "Being sent to the L.A. Angels was the best thing that happened to me.  Got a chance to play more games."

Sam Mele signed his mouth shut on this 1954 Topps Archive card, and signed half his name across the "TWINS" making it difficult to see on the 1965 Topps, but I'm still good with that.
These came back in only 6 days from Quincy, Mass.

Eighty year old Bill Virdon did everything right on these two cards I sent him 5 days prior.  Nice thin blue sharpie on a 1965 Topps and a 1954 Topps Archive, signed in nice locations on each card.  Bill answered some simple questions one of which asked what his favorite meal was. "Hickory smoked steak" was his answer.  My kinda guy Bill Virdon.

Bill Wakefield signed this pretty 1965 Topps card in 8 days from his home in San Rafael, California.  I'm seeing a nice trend here with these 1965 Topps ballplayers...about a week turnaround on TTMs.
Bill also included a color two-page overview of his career from a blog entry.  "1965 TOPPS" I'm guessing?

Another former Angel I received a signed 1965 Topps card from was Len Gabrielson.  Again in 8 days.
Len played for the Angels in 1967 before his final 4 seasons, all with the Dodgers.

Got a late Spring Training return from Michael Wing.  These were sent to the Padres facility back on February 28th.  This is Michaels first season in the Padres organization.

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