Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Pack Of Heritage

Target pack of 2012 Topps Heritage.

In order:

#266 Travis Hafner

#265 NL 2012 Rookie Stars
I like these cards a lot.  Think I'll try to get the subset.

#165 New Angels CJ Wilson
CJ went to my high school, Fountain Valley, which is 5 houses and a fire station down to the house I grew up in.  That's my CJ connection.  Glad he's with the Angels now.

#350 Tommy Hanson
Anyone named Tommy is alright with me.

#303 Kim Alexi(s) Ogando
Nothing personal Mr. Ogando.

Target Red #210 Clayton Kershaw
Decent pull for a red card.

#312 Tampa Rays team card
Casey Kotchman led the team in batting average with .306?  Seriously?
Did I just find another uncorrected error?

#357 Allen Craig
I hope that ball pops out of your glove Allen.

#195 Desmond Jennings
I love the All-Star Rookie Cup replacing the portrait circle on these cards.

And that's my random pack of Target 2012 Topps Heritage.
Thank you, thank you very much!


  1. the Earth doesn't rotate... it's merely Tommy Hanson walking!

  2. Tom- Is there anyway I can put my name down for the Hafner card? He is by far my favorite current Indians player, and I just wish injuries had not nagged him through out his career or he would be up there with Jim Thome and Albert Belle in the career home run list for the team. Thanks for all the cards you have sent to me. Tim