Monday, September 3, 2012

Angel Winnings From Listia

These two were part of a 9-card sheet of Collectors Choice You Make The Play cards.
I spotted the Salmon hiding in the upper right slot and ended up winning this lot with only 200 credits.

2001 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Gary Johnson Game Worn Jersey.
910 credits.  Probably more than I would have spent but what the heck right?

The Kendrys Morales was part of a 6-card 2012 LA Angels lot that I won for 202 credits.  The 2012 Bowman Trout came as a solo for 178 credits.

Sparkly 2011 Howie Kendricks was had for 417 credits.  Again a bit high, but I needed it.

This Tim Salmon was part of a six card miscellaneous lot simply titled "Baseball Cards".
I snagged the lot for a measly 101 credits.

This Walmart Blue 2012 Alberto Callaspo was one of four Callaspo cards in the lot.  I already had the other 3 cards, bit I only needed 202 credits to get it.

This was one of those auctions that I hoped no one else was watching, even though it was labeled as "2 Angels Cards - 1993 Kraft Jim Abbott & 1991 Classic Aaron Sele minor league".
I had never seen this card before and had to have it.

When it finally arrived I inspected it closer and it's even more bitchen that I thought.  Looks like its a pop-up card.  There's no directions on it but I assume you break a perforated end and pull on the little pull-tab on the top and then Jimmy pops on up.
Jim will stay mint though.

I spotted David Eckstein on one of the cards in a 5-card lot of 2001 Fleer Platinum.
I was hoping there would have been another Angel in the lot but at 100 credits I was the only bidder.

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