Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big Stack O Platinum

Received via the mail a big stack of 2012 Platinum from The Daily Dimwit.  He's been blowing through the boxes, and blasters, rack packs and single packs like they were going out of style.  This results in many duplicates, many duplicates he sent my way since I'm collecting the base set, and any Angels.

18 cards towards the 100 card base set!  That leaves me just 10 cards short of this awesome looking set.

Of the additional Angels he sent, I got this gold CJ Wilson.
There's only 4 Angels in the base set, so the rainbow shouldn't be as hard to complete this year.
However, Mike Trout is one of the four.

Chrome refractor Alexi Amarista who's now with the Padres.

Showing the Mike Trout from the base set separately since it's well, Mike Trout.

Bowman Prospects John Hellweg.  He's with Milwaukee now.

And also shown separately, Mike Napoli.
Because I love Mike.

Thanks Sam for knocking out a substantial chunk of this set.

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