Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too Many Verlanders Had Too Many Angels

Too Many Verlanders reached out with an offer no normal person would refuse.  He wanted to do away with about 300-500 surplus cards.  And not just any cards, but ANGELS cards!

A 300 card post would be lame, so I just picked out a nice sampling.

Most of the cards are from the 90's, which is good because that's one era that I didn't collect much.

Eddie Murray is one of those guys you easily forget played for the Angels.

A cool card but kinda creepy too.

There were a bunch of sweet Tim Salmon cards in the box.

Ton's of foil.  So much foil you can't hardly tell who is pictured on the card.  In fact my daughter just asked me, "Dad, Why is that baseball card all scratched?"

Ah, the foil and the "to much going on" of the 90's.

I noticed that Tim is in a more upright batting stance as opposed to his "sitting on the can" stance.

A very appealing card of Vladdy.  This is a gold version of the 2008 UD Timeline base card.
I dig Timeline, and I dig the gold version even more.

I like this card because it shows Anaheim Stadium as it was modified for the Rams.
The section to the left of Jim was added to enclose the stadium.  That scoreboard actually fell into the stands during the Northridge quake in 1994.

I love this card.
Great colors, great design, good use of foil.

The only bad thing about this quad of cards is that Tim Salmons right heel got cut off.

Now I have 300-500 Angels cards to sort and then binder while figuring out if they're dupes or not.
Sounds like some good Daddy Alone Time to me.