Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Starting Lineup For YOUR Anaheim Angels

Lucked out on snagging a handful of Angels Starting Lineup figures recently.  
The complete set of all Angels Starting Lineup cards is one of my top 5 collecting goals.  
These got me a bit closer to that goal.

I started out finding an auction on Listia for this 2000 loose Troy Glaus.

Best part was it came with the card.

Sharp design on this one.
Reminiscent of the 1986 Topps Mini League Leaders cards.

After I won the auction I asked the guy if he had any more, and sure enough he did.
 He said he had a Classic Double and a Freeze Frame.

We settled on a GIN, he posted them and notified me, and ten seconds later they were both mine.

1999 Classic Doubles From the Minors to the Majors.
Darin Erstad edition.
Two figures and two cards.

1999 Freeze Frame One on One
Two figures in one action pose and one card.
Nomar Garciaparra and Jim Edmonds.
Still nice.

I'm not concerned with collecting the actual figures so much as the cards.  The cards are what I mostly want.  But when I have to buy the figure in order to get to the card so be it.  
Given that fact, these SLUs ended up like this:

Tore up.
I had to get past the figures to get to the cards right?

Lets check out the Classic Double.

Erstad in his minor league Lake Elsinore Storm uniform.

And in his Anaheim Angels uniform.

The card on the left is classic Starting Lineup style.
The one on the right...not much thought went into it.
The blurry Storm logo background is distracting, and Erstad is blurry as well.
Also, in the photo I would have liked to see more of the jersey front with the Storm team logo.

Lets move on to the Freeze Frame shall we?

Nomah and Edmonds mixing in up.
I'm calling Jim safe (I'm biased).
If Nomah didn't still have the ball in his hand I would assume he had already thrown it to first to complete the double play.
I'm also assuming he's coming down with the ball and hasn't touched the base yet.

Not a bad card.
The streaky background works pretty good in this case.
However, the picture makes no sense at all.

Anyhow, three cards closer to my collecting goal.
Check my want list if you have any available for trade.


  1. Those are some pretty cool looking cards. I can see why you'd want them for the collection.

  2. Is that Erstad Lake Elsinore card a hologram of sorts?

    1. Nope, just blurry. Completely one-dimensional. That would have been cool though!

  3. That Erstad in the Storm uniform is awesome! I grew up about an 45 minute drive from Lake Elsinore, and at the first game I went to, Erstad hit a home run (I feel like it was a game-winner, but I'm not sure) and signed my program afterwards. I was a big fan of his during his time in the majors and his is the biggest non-Padre player collection that I have. Great pieces.