Sunday, August 17, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice

Collectors Choice in the mid-to-late 90's, to me, is just a continuation of 1990-1993 Topps, Donruss, and Fleer.  I have no affection towards it. And there's a ton of it everywhere you look.  The designs are boring. And the if you look at the team set above you see all sorts of weird things going on.  Not cool.  One thing Collectors Choice had going for it though were the Silver and Gold Signatures.  That's the only thing that sets it apart.

Anyhow, 25 cards for the Angels team set which included 3 of the nicely done Rookie Class cards, and a lone Arizona Fall League card featuring the greatness of Todd Green to the backdrop of a dried up lake bed.  Doesn't say "baseball" to me.

The backs featured another player picture, usually an action shot, player stats, and a little quiz centered around the team being featured.  That's all fine.

Nothing better than Rex Hudler in a cow-milking contest.

Ah, here's Todd Greene's Silver Signature on his AFL card.  Notice the silver border to really make it stand out.  Nice touch.
And at 1 per pack these were a nice incentive to purchase packs.

I think this is a Silver Signature, even though his signature isn't on it.
This is the checklist card.

The gold bordering, like the silver, make these signature cards jump at you. 
These were inserted just 1 in 36 packs.

Now we're talking, You Crash The Game were an early form of atomic refractor.
3 cards each with different dates.
There's a silver version and a gold version.
If the player pictured hit a home run during the series dated on the card, the card could be redeemed for a, get this, wood-and-plastic card of the player.  Most of these wood-and-plastic cards go for about a buck each now as opposed to the $1.75 it would have cost to redeem the card in the first place.

Another interactive card game insert were these You Make The Play cards.  These were used in a gameboard-like card game.  Two cards per player each with a different outcome. Just need Lee Smith strikeout card for this team set.

Meh.  Glad to have the team set, but it's not in my top ten.

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