Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Somethings Wrong With This Picture (#2)

Can you spot the printing error on this 1999 Stadium Club #304?
Nice action shot of a beefy Dave Hollins rounding second base.

Unfamiliar with the design?
Here's a good card:
I don't have the corrected version of the Dave Hollins card but here is Randy Velarde's card that looks almost exactly the same.  The '99 Stadium Club is a really nice looking design.  Simple, like I like it.
Gold and silver foil on embossed lettering, full bleed, no crazy cropping.

Still don't have it?

Here's the comparison:

You can see that the gold foil on the Hollins card is not only missing, but the stamping is off - shifted a bit up.
You can clearly see the remnant of the Stadium Club logo above the silver foil box it was supposed to be inside and how the name shadowing is above Dave's embossed name.

Cool huh?