Friday, November 7, 2014

Wally Joyner For The Asking

Recently the Prowling Cat put out a call for same card sets he was offering up to anyone who wanted them.  I bit on the 1993 Hostess set because it had a Wally Joyner card in it.  Zenus mentioned he had an extra single of the card, so instead of breaking up the set, I went with the single.  Nice offer.

1993 Hostess 

Funny thing about this Joyner card is that at first I thought I already had it.
I do that often.
It's a good thing though that I am relatively organized with my Angels collection.
In this case I can just go to my Players binder, find the Wally Joyner section and thumb through it to see if I have the card in there.
I didn't, and that's when I ran back to my computer to add the comment that I'd like the card.

2011 Bowman International

As an added bonus, Zenus threw this card in as well.

This one took me a while to figure out.
Is the background map where he was born?
Yes, back of the card says Winter Haven.
Okay, I see Winter Haven, but whats the white dot up by Winter Garden?
Is that where he lives or something?
Oh, that's the baseball he's throwing dummy.

Good cards.

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