Sunday, November 30, 2014

Patriot Len St. Jean TTM

Patriot Great Len "Boston Strong Boy" St. Jean signed these 1970 and 1972 Topps cards in just 8 days from his home in Stoughton, MA.

St. Jean played for the Boston/New England Patriots from 1964-1973.

I asked Mr. St. Jean what he enjoyed most about playing for the Patriots.
"The fans and my teammates, plus I love the City of Boston."

His whole career was with the Pats and I think he was a fan favorite.
He was named to the Boston Patriots 1960s All-Decade Team.

I asked what impact his football career had on his health.
"It took a serious toll."

He was once considered one of the strongest offensive linemen in pro football.
I imagine these guys wake up sore everyday, always in pain.

I wondered how he spent his time now.
"Volunteer work for the Patriots, etc."

But after all that he still gives back.
What a great guy.

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  1. I have always been a huge Len St. Jean fan. In 1971 the Patriots used to practice at Curry College while Shaeffer Stadium was being built. Everyday after school when I was 13 I would walk about 3 miles to watch the practices. Len would give me a ride home everyday. I had never before watched or appreciated offensive line play. He was really a great guy and I was proud to be his friend. I wish I could get a personally autographed picture of him to hang in my "sports den".