Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Carew'd Of You!

How rude of you to do that to me!

Not really rude, actually very generous.  Just a play on words from what I received in the mail recently.  You'll see what I'm talking about with the "rude" comment in a bit.

First lets look at the "hits"that came in the bubble envelope.

2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Dual Swatch #176 047/400

I like to give credit when credit is due; therefore, I like to post about the cards I receive in the mail.
If someone took the time to pull cards for me, package them up and spent their own money on shipping them to me, then I want to show my appreciation by posting about them.

2003 Topps All-Star Stitches ASR-BD

2010 Upper Deck Game Jersey UDGJ-CF

I don't always show every card that came.
Sometimes I do, but sometimes I'll just pick a few to highlight. 

2008 Donruss Threads Signatures #124 412/999

Here is a nice one to highlight.
Rookie Certified Autograph of Angels catching prospect Anel De Los Santos.
Anel was in the Angels system until 2010.
Never made the bigs though.

2008 Allen & Ginter's Mini Relic AGR-GA

2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Refractor BPP87 192/199

I sent the base version of this card to John at Spring Training last year and he returned it rather quickly with an autograph.  But he used a thin pen and you could barely see the autograph.  So I sent two more, now knowing that he was willing to sign TTM.  I think I included a sharpie too.
Then he was traded.
Haven't gotten those back yet.

1998 Topps Finest #97

Sometimes, if the cards are those I needed for a set and I can check them off, I get so excited that I immediately put the cards in their places in the binders, leaving me nothing left to scan, meaning there is no material to make a post.

2010 Topps Chrome Xfractor #155

So those were the big hits in the package.

Here's where I got Carew'd:

Seven 1980 Topps Rod Carew cards.
That's more Carew than one man can handle.
Double-down on 1975 Topps Ken Sanders too.

For this post I saved out everything, scanned it, and you will get to see it.
No rush to put into binders, no pulling out just the new stuff
Lucky you.

And even though they can be found in relative abundance, there's just something so cool about 1970's era Topps cards: the look, the feel, the ragged edges, the off-centeredness, the dog ears, so nostalgic.

The world has spun around to me looking into my Fleer Logo Sticker collection again.  Trying to get a wantlist going but so many stinking variations.  Cannot get enough of them though, and to receive Angels stickers is all the more exciting.

And the rest of the rest:

That's a lot of good Angels cards.
I recently cleaned out my "in-box", sorting, stacking, checking off, bindering or boxing.
This one envelope full of Angels just set me back.

Bet you are wondering who all these cards came from....

You're looking at greatness right there.

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