Saturday, December 20, 2014

Drew Bledsoe Ate Chocolate

Going through some old files I found a candy bar wrapper that I forgot I had kept.  I must have kept it because it featured the then Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, a favorite of mine.  This promotion was active in 1996.

So there were three different quarterback bars: Bledsoe, Dan Marino, and John Elway.
The chocolate bar was molded with an image of one of the three QBs.
I do not recall which quarterback I got, but I'm sure that he tasted delicious.
I don't recall Hersey's having similar promotions where they featured athletes on their bars.
I think I remember movie promotions, maybe.
Anyhow, the wrapper, to me, was collectible.

Here is the wrapper unwrapped so you can see the nutritional value of a Hershey's chocolate bar.
For a period in my life I switched over to preferring dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate is more mature, I think.
And better for you, more nutritional.

Recently however I've gone back to milk chocolate, specifically Hershey's.
Now that I'm 50 being mature is not something I desire as much.
I keep a giant milk chocolate with almonds consistently in the fridge.

This is interesting.
So there were 3 different bars.
Hershey is encouraging the consumer to "Collect" all three bars.
But you wouldn't know what bar you had until you unwrapped it.
So now you have an unwrapped chocolate bar.
Being a "collector" I would then want to put it in a protector of some sort.
Pretty sure there are not Chocolate Bar Top Loaders out there.

I do have another wrapper (without the chocolate) if there are any other collectors interested.
Just let me know.


  1. "Pretty sure there are not Chocolate Bar Top Loaders out there."

    That's awesome.

  2. What the heck? No Favre? Just kidding. Very cool promotion.

    1. Actually I was kinda surprised it was Bledsoe and not Favre or Aikman.